Experience a different disposable vape with screen

Updated 04 09,2024

Today, vape industry is in a stage of rapid development, with new technologies and design concepts constantly emerging. Among them, disposable vape with screen is a striking innovation that brings consumers a new experience and convenience.





As the vapes market continues to expand, consumer demand for products is also constantly changing. The emergence of disposable vape meets many people’s pursuit of portability and ease of use, and the design with a screen further enhances the user experience. Through the screen, users can easily check the e-cigarette’s power, usage time, temperature settings and other information, making use more intelligent and controllable.


In addition to portability and intelligence, disposable vape also solve some problems of traditional e-cigarettes, such as the complexity of replacing parts and difficulty in maintenance. Users don’t need to worry about charging or replacing parts, they just need to throw it away after use, which is very convenient and practical.


However, with the emergence of these innovations comes some discussion and concern. For example, the environmental impact of disposable e-cigarettes and how to recycle and dispose of these devices has become one of the focuses of the industry and society. In addition, the cost of using disposable products also requires consumers to weigh whether they are willing to pay a higher price for a better experience.


Taken together, “disposable vape with screen” represents the e-cigarette industry’s efforts to continuously innovate and pursue user experience. With the advancement of technology and market competition, we can expect more similar innovative products to appear, bringing consumers more convenient, smart and environmentally friendly choices.



Next, let’s get to know the Airis brand. The latest Alpha product is a completely disposable vape with screen product. The number of suction ports is, 15000-20000. It is equipped with Lightning & Type-C dual charging ports, which is also the first such design on the market. The most important thing is to meet the different needs of actual e-cigarette users as much as possible. The cool appearance is also very popular among e-cigarette users, and Many detailed designs, such as manually touching and sliding to switch between different smoking modes, and the screen will have a smoking effect when smoking, which is a good experience for e-cigarette users.



The appearance design is inspired by the punk design concept, and is full of vitality and interesting appearance style.

I believe that many friends who know the Airis brand should know that NEO products, including the current Speedy、Alph, are relatively popular and best-selling products. Many vape users are pursuing the airis brand through these products and have gained many fans. The main reason is that the product functions meet the needs of e-cigarette users. Many professional e-cigarette review bloggers have also given a lot of praise for airis products. Nice counter-review.




It is said that airis has started to develop new products in early April. Let’s wait and see what kind of surprise airis has in store for us this time~