How to tell if a disposable vape is burnt?

Updated 03 12,2024

Disposable vapes are always the one good choice for vapers because they are convenient to use, and suitable for each audience. However, like all vaping kits, they can finally burn out. Here are some signs that your disposable vape is burnt:


Burnt smell: This is the most obvious sign of burnt disposable vapes. When you hit the vape, you’ll taste a burnt flavour. This is caused by the coil burning e-liquid.


Less vapour: When the coil burns out, less vapour is produced. You may also notice that the steam is thinner and has a lighter flavour.


Battery life: The battery life of disposable vapes also shortens as the coil burns out. You may notice that your vape needs to be charged more frequently.


Indicator light: Some disposable vapes have an HD screen or an indicator light that flashes when the battery is low or the coil is burned out.


If any of these signs happen, it is time to replace your disposable vapes. Do not attempt to continue using a burnt one as this may be harmful to your health.





What are the reasons why disposable vapes have a burnt smell?


If your disposable vape tastes unbearable each time when you use it, but the previous taste was good and smooth, the device may be out of e-liquid. Since there is no e-liquid left for the coil to vaporize, the coil will overheat and emit harsh smoke when you try to smoke.


If your disposable vape has a burnt smell after a few puffs, but the smell returns after you put the device down for a while, you may be “continuously vaping” and not filling your e-liquid in. The wick has plenty of time to redistribute between puffs. As long as the device does not run out of e-liquid, waiting a few seconds after each puff can prevent this problem.




How to prevent disposable vapes from burning out


There are some things you can do to prevent your disposable vapes from burning out:


Avoid continuous puffing:  Do not continue to take the puffs in a row without letting the coil chill down. This can cause the coil to overheat and burn out.


Take Long, Slow Breaths in as you inhale, breathe in slowly and deeply. This will help prevent the coil from overheating.


Storage your vape correctly: When you are not using your device, store it in a cool, dry place. This will help prevent the coil from overheating.