Airis Launches NEO P9000 – The Smarter Solution for Electronic Cigarette Enthusiasts

Updated 08 25,2023

Airis, a global pioneer in electronic cigarette technology, has launched the NEO P9000 in the United States, an updated version of its popular mini electronic cigarette. The NEO P9000 inherits the authentic taste of the popular NEO P8000 and NEO P6000. Following its release in the United States, NEO series will also be launched in other European markets from October.

Through this upgrade, Airis has demonstrated its ongoing efforts in sustainable development, providing high-value products while committed to delivering an excellent user experience. As a leading initiative, the NEO P9000 provides users with a smarter solution to meet customer expectations. Electronic cigarette enthusiasts can easily enjoy 15 flavors while having all the functions of an disposable vape device in one product.

In terms of product features, there is a unique adjustable airflow design that allows for MTL/DTL adjustment. The upgraded Airis Pure Core Pro chip has a strong bursts of flavours, stable consistency to the last puff, smooth and full-blown vapor, and excellent flavor reproduction. This further enhances the overall experience of Airis Vape

In terms of its design, it uses Airis exclusive dual-color mold design, which is as crystal clear as it is brilliant. The unique appearance design is sharp and comfortable to hold, luxurious and atmospheric.

In terms of innovation, the display screen of the disposable device has been made intelligent, with a more intuitive screen display and real-time display of E-liquid and battery levels, creating a luxurious and smart experience. Airis has always been relentlessly pursuing the best sustainable electronic cigarette products, constantly developing new products based on customer feedback and exploring custome’s need. We are on the right track to achieving this goal.

Based on ten years of industry experience, AIRIS solves customer needs for product taste, functionality, and new demands, making timely market moves to meet the needs of more consumers.

NEO P9000 is Airis’s latest product, committed to providing cutting-edge and practical solutions for electronic cigarette enthusiasts. AIRIS continuously collects customer feedback and launches competitive electronic cigarette products that meet different inhalation methods and monitor E-liquid and battery needs, positioning itself as an industry pioneer.

AIRIS is a global pioneer and innovator in the electronic cigarette industry, firmly committed to exploring new inspirations and unlocking more possibilities in life, providing unique electronic cigarette experiences for users with different tastes worldwide. At the same time, adheres to its commitment to compliance, youth protection, and sustainable development in all global markets where it is sold.